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Mini Max 150w Hps Hydroponics Kit/shade-bulb-ballast

Mini Max 150w Hps Hydroponics Kit/shade-bulb-ballast
Mini Max 150w Hps Hydroponics Kit/shade-bulb-ballast

Mini Max 150w Hps Hydroponics Kit/shade-bulb-ballast

Super plant AGRO 150W has been created to satisfy the absorption of the spectrum of the plants. It has been developed for horticulture, with a spectrum of light suitable for all the hydroponic cultivations (flowering and growth period). Hps Lamp for Indoor Growings with Blue Spectrum. The SuperPlant AGRO lamps are particularly suitable for the exposure of each type of fruit and vegetables.

An HPS bulb with 30% of blue spectrum more, in order to suit well in all phases of growth and flowering of plants. The bulb ensures an optimal production by means of its long duration. You will get a constant light output by using it during the first 10,000 hours of operation, after which you would probably need to replace this bulb.

It can be used with magnetic ballasts and electronic ones too, its luminous efficiency is higher than that of all the biggest brands on the market. For intensive horticulture in any season. Average life: 16,000 hours. BRINGING INNOVATION TO GROWERS EVERY WHERE! Finally, the lighting solution revolution has arrived.

Following a three year period of research and testing The MINIMAX 150 micro-processor ballast has finally completed trial testing, qualifying the Minimax 150 for CE registration. Fully tested and registered the Minimax 150 is now ready for the market. Running at less than 0.7amp we feel that this little unit will revolutionize indoor grow lighting.

No longer do we have to compromise with CFL bulbs or LED panels. The MINIMAX 150 operates with either Metal Halide (blue vegetative) or, High-Pressure Sodium bulbs (red flowering). Test results have shown that two MINIMAX 150 units produce larger yields than anyone 600w Digital unit.

The 600w Digi ballast is rated at 2.75amp whereas the MINIMAX 150 is rated at 0.64amp. In real terms, you could run five Minimax 150 units for the same power consumption as one 600w digital unit. If you are using old magnetic 600w ballasts you can run 11 of these. As we have lots of experience with hydroponics these are considered by us to be the future of indoor gardening. Forget CFL's and LED lighting as they are just not up to the job. We have tested these and they perform really well. It makes 600-watt lights look ancient and out of date. The amount of area you can cover for a low cost is amazing. Also, you can run smaller extraction as the heat build-up is nonexistent, you will never need air-cooled shades with these lights, How cool is that! Advantages of the Minimax 150w include the following.

Draws only 0.63 amp. Uses a fifth when compared with the 600w ballast. Reducing the need for high volume cooling fans Added stability for the environment. No need for costly contact/relay controllers Operates when used with any timer.

Operates with either M/H or HPS 150w bulbs. The Minimax 150 Ballast carries a full three-year guarantee.

The Minimax 150 ballasts contain new technological micro-processers which regulate the ballast as follows. Makes continuous adjustments based upon lamp type used Monitors the bulb to maintain the optimum light output to power ratio Reduces energy consumption and bulb temperature producing maximum light. Adjusts to compensate for bulb degradation. The Minimax 150 is programmed to soft start. No need for the usual initial start-up power surge to ignite the bulb.

This will extend bulb life and allows for several units to start at the same time, without a large draw on power. Fully compliant with all CE Regulations for safety. Each unit is factory-tested for a full twelve hours to ensure product quality and reliability. Considering the above advantages we confidently conclude that the MINIMAX 150 is the most environmentally friendly Ballast available, producing maximum output for minimum power consumption.

The Minimax 150 is not a standard electronic ballast; The Minimax 150 is a completely new way to control light/energy omitted from your bulb. The most technically advanced electronic ballast available anywhere.

Why is The Minimax 150 so different? The reason is not merely about reduced power consumption. The Minimax 150 electronic ballast uses the latest microprocessor technology to regulate and control the energy to light ratio. This allows for the use of either HPS or Metal Halide bulbs.

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  • Features: Silent-running
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Unit Type: Unit
  • Number of Items in Set: 5
  • Suitable For: Flowering, Maintaining Mother Plants, Rooting Cuttings & Seedlings, Vegetative Growth
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  • Control Style: Switch
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: SILVER
  • Wattage: 150W
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Spectrum: Full
  • Power Consumption: 150 W
  • Vegging Grow Light Set: Grow Light Set
  • Brand: Minimax
  • Set Includes: Ballast, Controller Unit, Power Cord, Reflector/Hood
  • Type: Grow Light Kit
  • Installation Area: Indoor

Mini Max 150w Hps Hydroponics Kit/shade-bulb-ballast