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Lumatek Ultimate 600W 400V Pro Digital Ballast, Bulb, Reflector & Control Panel

Lumatek Ultimate 600W 400V Pro Digital Ballast, Bulb, Reflector & Control Panel

Lumatek Ultimate 600W 400V Pro Digital Ballast, Bulb, Reflector & Control Panel
Lumatek Ultimate 600W 400V Pro Digital Ballast, Bulb, Reflector & Control Panel. Kit Lumatek 600W 400V & Lumatek Digital Control Panel. The Lumatek Ultimate Digital Professional 600w 400v Ballast and Lamp set is the next step for indoor garden lighting! With a spec that rivals 600w Gavita systems, this kit represents high performance PAR output at an affordable price.

These units still us a single socket to draw 240v of power, the standard for UK households. The up-scaling technology within the ballast converts this to 400v, allowing for higher levels of output from the lamp. If you want to try something new in your grow room this system is a logical next step over a 600w 240v "standard" system.

The Lumatek Ultimate Digital Professional 600w 400v Ballast and Lamp is compatible with any shade suitable for 600w HPS. This makes it more flexible and cost effective than new double end lamp systems if you have a reflector already.

Simply plug it in as you normally would and you're good to go! It is one of the easiest upgrades to implement into your grow room! This ballast is also capable of running 240v lamps too; the ballast detects which lamp is in the fitting and adjusts itself to suit.

By boosting from 240v to 400v, you are increasing the usable light (PAR) in the grow room significantly. The Umol is measurement of PAR that is available to the plant and in 240v HPS system, it sits at around 650-800. Ideally you'd want to get about 700 Umol out of a system like that (these are measurements from a 1m square tent).

With the Lumatek Ultimate Kit the increase from 240v to 400v represents an increase of 45% volts per watt (ish). This would dramatically increase your final yield as it is the equivalent of having a 1000w 240v system in the room. WHAT ARE THE ALTERNATIVES TO THE LUMATEK ULTIMATE DIGITAL PROFESSIONAL 600W 400V BALLAST AND LAMP? If you are looking for high spec lighting systems, Straight Up Hydroponics can order both Dimlux and Gavita fittings. These are in use around the world by commercial growers and are famous for the quality of light they output.

The Lumatek Control Panel is a digital lighting controller that offers outstanding control over your lighting kits. Using highly innovated technology, this controller smartly monitors your room temperatures, light timing, automation, safety control and dimming. Simply connect it to your Lumatek Controllable Ballasts and easily regulate your grow room environment. Connectable with Lumatek Controllable Ballasts 315w, 630w, 600w & 1000w Pro in-line TRS (Headphone) link Digital timing, automation, dimming and safety control Smart room temperature maintenance Automatic sunrise / sunset function Control up to 400 ballasts 200 ballasts per channel - Zone A &.

Items Included: 1 x Lumatek Control Panel 1 x Power cable 2 x Temperature Sensor cable 2 x Control'Link' cable. Key Specifications: Control Panel for up to 400 ballasts 2-Channels (Zone A & Zone B) Temperature Sensor monitoring and control 24 h Light timing Digital dimming control (1% increments) Specialised Control TRS link cables Personalized sunrise & sunset Safety and Temperature control mechanisms Intelligent room maintenance Power = DC5V/2A Match Ballasts = 250w, 315w, 400w, 600w, 630w, 750w, 1000w Control Command Time Interval = 2S Power Dimming Scope = 60% - 110% Power Regulation Accuracy = 1% Temperature-controlled Adjustable Inspection Scope = 0ºC-40ºC Temperature-controlled Protection Inspection Scope = 10ºC-50ºC Sunrise and Sunset Duration = 0-30 min Dimensions: 125mm x 80mm x 25mm. EVERYTHING WE SEND OUT IS IN PLAIN PACKAGING.. Alternatively you are more than welcome to collect your order from our premises in cambridge and browse our shop which stocks over 1000 products. Items less than 2kg in weight can be sent throughout the UK and N. Offshore British mainland please message for a quote. And if you are unsure about the weight of your order please message first for a quote. Welcome to CamGrow's online Hydroponics and Horticultural Superstore.

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  • Kit Lumatek 400V: Kit 600W 400V - Ballast - Bulb & Reflector
  • Features: Silent-running
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Energy Efficiency Rating: A++
  • Modified Item: No
  • Lighting Technology: LED
  • Number of Items in Set: 3
  • Suitable For: Flowering, Maintaining Mother Plants, Rooting Cuttings & Seedlings, Vegetative Growth
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Netherlands
  • Colour: Purple
  • Number of LEDs: 0
  • Wattage: 600W 400V
  • Spectrum: Full
  • Power Consumption: 600 W
  • Brand: Lumatek
  • Dimming Settings: 25%, 50%, 75%
  • Socket Size: E40
  • Type: HPS 400V
  • Installation Area: Indoor
  • EC Range: A++ - G

Lumatek Ultimate 600W 400V Pro Digital Ballast, Bulb, Reflector & Control Panel