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GAVITA CT 2000E LED GROW LIGHT Hydroponics Led Lighting

GAVITA CT 2000E LED GROW LIGHT Hydroponics Led Lighting

GAVITA CT 2000E LED GROW LIGHT Hydroponics Led Lighting

The Gavita CT-2000e LED grow light is the first LED designed as a like-for-like replacement for an HPS grow light. The LED's compact design allows it to fit right into any standard HPS setup.

The CT-2000e is a direct upgrade that makes converting your HPS grow light setup to LED technology simple. This LED grow light is upto 25% more efficient versus HPS lamps making it an attractive proposition for serious gardeners.

And for anyone looking to cut the cost of electricity over time. WHY SHOULD I USE THE GAVITA CT-2000E LED? If you want to upgrade your garden from HPS to the power of LED, the Gavita CT-2000e LED is for you.

This awesome LED offers you 780W of power with an output of 2.6umol per W. It also allows you to use any of the Gavita Master Controllers. The Master Controllers provide you with an intelligent way to manage from 1 to 1000 lights. And allow you to set dimming parameters, light cycles, sunrise and sunset times. The Gavita CT-2000e is much easier to handle, reposition and work around compared to a ladder-style LED. It also uses a standard Wieland 3-pin power connector. WIDE OPTICS, GREATER SPECTRAL OPTIMISATION, LESS HEAT. The Gavita CT-2000e LED's wide beam optics ensure even light coverage for improved crop uniformity. Greater spectral optimisation offers enhanced crop performance from start to finish.

And being an LED grow light, it creates less radial heat than traditional HPS lights. BENEFITS OF GAVITA MASTER CONTROLLERS. Using the Gavita CT-2000e grow light with a Gavita Master Controller allows you to use the LED throughout the lifecycle of your light loving plants. It gives you complete control over. INDUSTRY'S FIRST LED LIKE-FOR-LIKE REPLACEMENT FOR HPS GROW LIGHTS.

LEDs are replacing conventional lighting sources like HPS because. LEDs offer greater efficiency, less radiant heat and improved spectral optimisation for your crops. You can increase yields, enhance quality and save up to 25% in energy use by replacing a 1000W DE HPS installation with the CT-2000e.

It's quick and easy to retrofit, as the compact CT-2000e fits seamlessly into existing HPS layouts. MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. The CT-2000e will improve your existing HPS setup in several ways. Reduces the use of energy and improves the quality of crops. It concentrates the blue and red wavelengths while balancing with mid-range beneficial green. Compared with HPS, the higher percentage of blue wavelengths increases secondary metabolites and the wide light spectrum promotes vigorous growth as the needs of your plants change. The high uniformity of light distribution produces a consistent quality and quantity of crop too.

It uses less energy than HPS grow lights. ROBUST LED GROW LIGHT FIXTURE. The Gavita CT-2000e LED Grow Light is built for challenging growing environments.

It's a compact and durable LED grow light fixture that is very easy to clean. The simple and highly robust design makes the CT-2000e LED easy to clean. USE WITH A GAVITA MASTER CONTROLLER FOR DIFFERENT LIGHT LEVELS.

Using a Gavita Master Controller allows for plug and play connectivity for up to 1,000 fixtures per channel. The dimming range of 50% to 100% lets you set light levels at every stage of growth while maintaining efficiency and uniformity. FULL SPECTRUM FOR FULL LIFECYCLE GROWING. The CT 2000e usurps traditional LED performance.

It's a full spectrum, dimmable LED grow light that scales from 400nm to 700nm with precision and uniformity. It works to boost blue and red wavelengths while balancing the green spectrum in between. Onboard, premium drivers power the diodes to create a broad, full-spectrum grow light capable of encouraging insane, highly vigorous growth from plants as their needs change. Using with a Gavita Master Controller allows you to dim the output, so you can use this LED from seed to flowering. The CT-2000e LED grow light offers a uniform light intensity that stays the same from edge to edge.

As you'd imagine, wide optics create a wide light pattern, which is similar to HPS fixtures. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest possible quality service to our customers. You can send us a message by using the "Questions and answers" section towards the bottom of the page. This item is in the category "Garden & Patio\Hydroponics\Grow Lighting & Accessories\Grow Light Kits". The seller is "hullhydroponics" and is located in this country: GB.

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  • Lumens: 2000 ┬Ámol/s output
  • Power Consumption: 780 watts
  • Input Voltage: 240 V
  • Spectrum: Full
  • Lighting Technology: LED
  • Brand: Gavita
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Years
  • Suitable For: Flowering, Vegetative Growth

GAVITA CT 2000E LED GROW LIGHT Hydroponics Led Lighting