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Full Spectrum Covert Medical Grow Fridge

Full Spectrum Covert Medical Grow Fridge
Full Spectrum Covert Medical Grow Fridge
Full Spectrum Covert Medical Grow Fridge
Full Spectrum Covert Medical Grow Fridge
Full Spectrum Covert Medical Grow Fridge
Full Spectrum Covert Medical Grow Fridge

Full Spectrum Covert Medical Grow Fridge
Professionally designed, this one of a kind medical grow fridge comes FULLY assembledand 100% ready to GO and GROW! Simply plug in, set the light timer and you are done! Humidity and temp LCD display. Dual "fluid dynamic bearing" brush less turbine fans (Around 25db with a high CFM). Dual fan speed controller (Ideal for environment settings).

Activated charcoal filter (Easy to replace charcoal). White reflective lined inner (Durable and easy to clean). 5 Band LED Panel 410NM440NM, 450475NM 620660NM, 730NM (Red + Blue + UV + IR + White). Analog light timer with perm 120v -230V power supply. (mostreliable option for the light and air pump if growing hydro for example).

Complete wick system/air bubbler hybrid hydro kit. Easy SCROG - simply screw eye hooks into the inner lining to make a grid in place of your choice. The unit is build out of a used black fridge, great for stealth by being. Door seals, hinges and structure in very good condition with all grow components brand new! The fridge was used and does have some marks on the one side and a few nicks here and there, but honestly in my oppinion this adds to the covert effect. Another nice feature is the fact that the door seals are black. The black seals are great because a white fridge with a white sealing rubber on the door can glow slightly. The unit is designed to grow from start to finish with no hassle, perfect for beginners and at the same time meeting all the requirements for professional growers.

Running 2 X build in turbine fans, build in fan speed controller and insulated reflective lining, together with the cool running 5 band Full Spectrum LED panel that allows for a stable and controllable internal environment. Fan speed can also be manually adjusted to increase air-flow if required. Alternatively the fan speed control canbe used to tweak internal temperature and humidity very efficiently. The front and rear turbine fans run very quite at a maximum noise level around 25db when at full speed. The ineers reflective lining is durable and promotes IR refraction.

Furthermore it eliminates amplified light intensity (hot-spots) reflecting off the panel's as the entire inner unit is flat white. Only a single power cord is used to power theentire unit.

Estimated total power consumption at the plug only around 100w. The active carbon air filter eliminates smell and is quick and easy to replace the activated carbon when needed.

Simply pop the internal exhaust filter lid off and remove the activatedcarbon bag. Then refill and put the cap back on and you done! 5 Band LED Panel The LED Panel consists of 144 LED's in total, Red + Blue + UV + IR + White all working together giving a full rainbow spectrum with advantages overtraditional red/blue LED light's. The ultra violate is utilized by the plant for photosynthesis and. While IR LED diodes are now widely used in the medical scene to promote healthy heavy yields.

Each led diode is the perfect wattage for close growing without leafburn. For optimal growth a distance of around 2" - 4" from the light during flowering.

Closer than 1" - 2" can burn some strains. What strain do I grow to accommodate the unit size? It's possible to grow any strain, auto or photo-period. Basically yourplant size is directly proportional to the pot size and your trainingstrategy. How noisy is the unit?

When the fans are running at full speed the noise level is around 25db. Is the unit 100% light proof? 100% light proof and have tested in a dark room.

Perfect to get started with even if you have absolutely no grow experience. And advanced enough for experienced growers to grow with medical grade results. Does it cost or use a lot of electricity to run? No , infact you could run your grow unit 24/7 only costing a handfull ofchange every month!

Roughly 40 pence per day if running a 18/6 cycle, that's around. How well does the activated carbon filter work? The filter will work well for almost all strains. However it ispossible with some strains and experienced growers to have a little smell once flowers start to mature.

A few drops of essential oil in thefilter works well. Also fan speed can be a fact or here, simply lower the exhaust fan speed to make the filter more effective. Have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time. The item "Full Spectrum Covert Medical Grow Fridge" is in sale since Friday, May 10, 2019.

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  • Brand: Unbranded
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Modified Item: Yes
  • Installation Area: Indoor
  • Type: Dual Spectrum
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  • Wattage: 100W
  • Modification Description: Used fridge new grow components

Full Spectrum Covert Medical Grow Fridge